nail biting

nail biting

Also known as onchophagia, the nail biting is a nervous habit that can have serious consequences. Stress, excitement, or boredom can trigger it, and approximately half of kids between ten and 18 have been nail biters at one time or another. According to experts, 30% of children and 15% of adults are nail biters, but most stop by the time they turn 30.

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Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?

If you are a teen and you are constantly called “rabbit teeth” or “Dracula” because your teeth protrude, then you will do just about anything to stop the ridicule. Many adults feel self conscious too, because of the effect their smile has on others. They may be prepared to traverse the highest mountain just to feel normal or to feel that people cannot take their eyes off them because of their incredible smile.

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Eat Right For HealthDid you know that research confirms that taste is more important than nutrition as the main reason why we choose one food over another? Even though hereditary, social, emotional and health factors play a role, the foods people enjoy most are usually the ones they eat. So setting healthy standards are important to family health and lifestyles along with physical activity.

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